Kent Access Control


Safeguarding your home and commercial establishment in the Kent, WA area is important. Having an adequate entrance control system will ensure that only authorized personnel can enter the premises. Seek the help of experts to install the appropriate door access system for your Kent property.

Get in touch with Total Property Services to install the best access control system in Kent. We have been offering our services since 2003 and have built up our reputation for providing the best entrance control systems in Kent and the surrounding areas. Choose our door access control system and be ensured that they are:

  • Customized for entry control
  • Guaranteed to work for your security needs
  • Seamlessly integrated
  • In adherence with all building codes

With our security card door access systems in place, you can rest assured that your home or office is thoroughly secure in Kent or nearby areas.

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Kent Access Control System


With the right door access control system in place, you can secure your home or commercial establishments thoroughly in the Kent area. The type of security relies on your requirements and budget. You can choose from a single-door system to a multi-door system to get the required security for your Kent area property.

Rely on us when you wish to get a customized access control system for your Kent area property. We specialize in multi-door control systems and can customize the door access as required. Choosing our entrance control system assures you of the following for your Kent property:

  • Total security
  • Prevention of unauthorized entry
  • Provide controlled access
  • Monitor and sound alarms

In case of any access violation, our system can sound the alarm. This helps to know when and to whom the access was given and to whom it was denied.

Call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957 when you require the best access control system in Kent.

Kent Entrance Control


Securing your home or commercial establishment in the Kent area is your priority, and you do not want to compromise on it. In this regard, it is best to study the various entrance control systems available in the market and choose the best one.

Rely on us to choose and install the ideal entrance control system in Kent. We can even customize the card key access system so that you get the desired level of security. Rely on us as we:

  • Are committed to all security projects
  • Have a variety of access control systems
  • Offer broad range of key card services
  • Dedicated to your safety, entrance control

We take pride in our work and ensure that our Kent area customers are thoroughly satisfied.

Call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957 to get entrance control systems in Kent.