Redmond Access Control System


If you want to install an access control system in Redmond, WA, you should contact Total Property Services. Remote door access can prove to be very useful for your commercial or residential buildings. With the proper Redmond access control system, you can keep trespassers and intruders away.

When you have a Redmond access control system installed on your property, you will be able to restrict access to an area from unauthorized entry. To learn more about the systems we have available, give us a call today. You can contact us if you want any of the following Redmond access control system options for your office:

  • Push to exit button
  • Key card door entry systems
  • Swipe card door entry
  • Electric magnetic lock

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Redmond Remote Door Access


We will offer you the most appropriate Redmond remote door access system depending on the type of property you have. Our team can also complete the installation of your entrance control system quickly. This means you will not have to prolong getting a Redmond remote door access system when you give our company an opportunity to help you.

You will also find the latest Redmond remote door access systems with us. We can customize your entry system as per your given specifications. This also includes setting a particular time window for authorized entry. You can also choose from the following Redmond remote door access systems:

  • Commercial door access
  • Smartphone door access control
  • Face recognition door access
  • Wireless door access control

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Redmond Entrance Control


The Redmond entrance control systems we offer come at a very affordable price. The quality of our access control system will be top-notch. In addition to installing your Redmond entrance control system, we can also help you maintain your existing one. Even if you have an industrial building that requires access control, you can give us a call.

If you would like to inquire further about our Redmond entrance control systems available, you can schedule a consultation at any time. Once we learn about your requirements, we will offer you a detailed product and installation estimate. You can also approach us to install the following Redmond entrance control systems:

  • Badge scanner for door
  • HID door access
  • Biometric door access
  • FOB door entry system

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