Shoreline Access Control System


Have you been looking to install an access control system at your Shoreline, WA property? Total Property Services can help you by setting up a top-grade access control system to safeguard residents from intruders into a property. We are a leading provider of several property-related services in the region, such as the Shoreline access control system.

A Shoreline access control system recognizes and authenticates the entry of a person into the premises, thereby giving complete protection and ensuring security with the system. The main elements of a Shoreline access control system are the tag, tag reader, access control panel and lock, which work together to create a seamless, automated experience for the user.

We deal in many variants of an access control system, including:

  • Discretionary access control
  • Role-based access control
  • Rule-based access control
  • Mandatory access control

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Shoreline Remote Door Access


Installing a Shoreline remote door access system can be exceedingly convenient for you as a property owner. In addition to providing the much-needed security, a Shoreline remote door access system would enable you to let visitors, maintenance personnel or other individuals into the property without being physically present.

Shoreline remote door access systems have become a sought-after accessory for smart homes and offices, which have become popular amongst new property buyers. Our company can help you install mechanisms that provide seamless Shoreline remote door access at your property per your distinctive functional preferences.

We can assist you with many services for remote door access systems, such as:

  • New remote access system
  • Residential remote door access
  • Commercial remote door access
  • Mobile-based remote access control

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Shoreline Entrance Control


A Shoreline entrance control will surely be a worthwhile investment for your property. Installing an entrance control mechanism will help you save valuable time and money by setting access to each area of your estate at once for specific individuals. A Shoreline entrance control system will eliminate the need for providing a set of keys to each person.

If you want to keep track of who is coming and going at what time, a Shoreline entrance control mechanism can do that automatically. Shoreline entrance control might also be necessary depending on security standards or industry regulations of the location where your property or business is based.

We can address several inquiries associated with entrance control, including:

  • Entrance card reader
  • Biometric entrance systems
  • Automated entrance control system
  • Turnstile entrance control¬†systems

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