Commercial Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma


We have an expert crew that can take care of all aspects of bathroom remodel services for commercial facilities companies as well as government and industrial projects.

Whether working with your design, or providing design assistance, we can help create a highly functional, easy-to-maintain and aesthetically pleasing design that meets all of your guidelines and the needs of users.

In addition to assisting in a custom design layout that fits your needs, we can provide services including, but not limited to:

  • Professional craftsman carpentry services
  • Demolition
  • Installation of new flooring, cabinetry, lighting, walls, partitions and stall doors
  • Replacement lighting installs
  • Moving or installing a shower and hardware
  • Replacement of toilets, sinks and urinals
  • Wall painting and tile replacement
  • Installation of hand dryers, soap dispensers, mirrors and grab bars

We will work closely with you to meet your needs, offer professional advice, deal with property restrictions and site concerns, and, in general, offer cost-efficient solutions to problems that may arise.

Call Total Property Services for a consultation to discuss your requirements.

Commerical Bath Remodel Tacoma


One of the most popular rooms for commercial property owners to renovate is the bathroom, due in part to its high return on investment.

If you are a commercial, governmental or industry institution that requires bathroom renovations contractors for design assistance, installations and makeovers, but are too busy to create a plan, call us!

We are fully trained and qualified in handling projects that are fully compliant with local regulations and codes.  Large or small projects, our expert crew has the skills and craftsmanship to make minor changes or a complete makeover to:

  • Create more space for additional stalls
  • Update fixtures with up-to-code components
  • Create an updated look and better efficiency with motion sensor faucets or toilets
  • Make your spaces ADA compliant
  • Increase your property value investment by as much as 85 percent
  • Improve high traffic with multi-faucet sink installations

Call the professionals with the expertise, skills and training to complete your makeover project quickly and cost-effectively.

Restaurant Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Tacoma


We are commercial bathroom remodeling contractors with years of experience in replacements, upgrades and renovations of spaces that receive a high level of heavy use – commercial, government and industrial institutions.

These are reasons to call us for your next renovation or remodel project:

  • We specialize in these projects, large or small
  • High-quality, code-compliant services
  • Attention to every detail
  • Free estimates
  • Reliable, consistent and accurate workmanship
  • Extensive experience, expertise and knowledge
  • Minimal downtime and inconvenience to our customers
  • Great service at cost-effective and competitive rates
  • Seamless transformations

Call Total Property Services with years of experience as a general contractor that knows construction.  253-777-4957