Bellevue Fire Alarm


A fire alarm is necessary for any commercial building. Fire and safety codes require a smoke detector, and alarms must be installed in any commercial property to ensure the safety of the employees and customers alike.

Rely on Total Property Services for the installation and repair of a fire alarm in the Bellevue, WA area. We not only install or repair any fire but also offer regular inspection and maintenance services so that they are in working condition at all times.

Let our skilled and trained technicians conduct the routine inspection and maintenance services on the fire alarm installed in your building. They use the best quality parts to ensure thorough repairs. In case the parts of the older models are not available, they will recommend a replacement. Trust us for installing, upgrading, or repairing a fire alarm using the best:

  • Workforce
  • Parts
  • Techniques

Bellevue Smoke Detector


Smoke detectors and fire alarms must be inspected and tested regularly to ensure that they are working correctly. If the smoke detector fails to respond while testing, the batteries, and the wiring must be tested to learn the cause of the problem.

Call us for the inspection, repair, or installation of a new smoke detector for your commercial building around Bellevue with the belief that the system will:

  • Work efficiently
  • Signal any presence of smoke
  • Protect from any fire incident

We schedule our services at your convenience so that no routine activity is affected. Commercial places like shopping malls, hotels, and community centers cannot close because their fire and smoke detectors need servicing. We are flexible with our timing and assure to complete all work within a reasonable time.

Bellevue Fire Alarms


New fire alarms are high-quality devices that are designed to provide early warning to the occupants of the building to evacuate it quickly until the danger is gone. Local codes must be followed for the installation of fire alarm systems depending upon the type of building. Our team knows and understand those codes.

Detectors and alarms protect commercial properties in the Belleview area from potential problems including:

  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Other dangerous gases

Rely on us to install and repair your fire alarms in Bellevue. We will send in our best technicians to assess the system and provide the required solutions.

Are you looking to safeguard your commercial property from fire, smoke, or any other potentially dangerous situation? Install quality fire alarms and smoke detectors in your Bellevue area building. Call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957.