Burien Fire Alarm


Are you searching for the right service provider for getting fire alarm installed in your Burien, WA area office? You can get in touch with Total Property Services to learn more about our fire alarm and smoke detector installation available in the area.

There are various services that we provide for offices and commercial properties, which can help you stay protected from fires. Even if you cannot stop them completely, a fire alarm or smoke detector installation service will make sure that you can stay safe.

Here are some of the services that you can hire our technicians for apart from fire alarm installation in Burien:

  • Smoke detector installation
  • Water sprinklers
  • Fire alarm repair

Burien Smoke Detector


Ignoring essential things like the installation of a fire alarm and smoke detectors can prove to be a huge mistake. If you want to be safe from an unfortunate situation, then be sure to give us a call and have our technicians install smoke detectors in your office today.

Apart from your safety, the security of your employees also lies on you. Therefore, getting a fire alarm and smoke detector installed in your office becomes all the more necessary. It will add a layer of security so that you can deal consciously with unforeseen situations like a sudden fire.

Below is a list of causes why you should have fire alarms and smoke detectors installed in your Burien office:

  • They are a requirement of local codes
  • Alerting everyone to vacate the office
  • Taking necessary measures at the right time

Burien Fire Alarms


Many offices in the region already have fire alarms installed. However, regular maintenance and tune-ups of these fire alarms are necessary. Fire alarms can also be battery operated, which is why you need to change the battery regularly. This job should be left to professionals so that you do not end up damaging your smoke detector or fire alarm.

It will even help you increase the lifespan of your fire alarm so that it will work seamlessly for many years to come. Here is why our team is the best and most trustworthy for fire alarm installation around Burien:

  • Are trained individuals
  • Can take up complex installation jobs
  • Have many years of experience

Now you can have your fire alarm and smoke detectors installed in your Burien office easily by calling us at Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957.