Kent Fire Alarm


A fire is devastating and that it is the reason it is imperative for all buildings, commercial or residential, to have suitable and appropriate fire alarm systems. To ensure your fire alarms are working correctly, you must get regular fire safety inspections and assessments.

Plus, having smoke detector installation and repairs done by professionals is a necessity. Get in touch with Total Property Services for any services for a fire alarm around Kent, WA. As an established company offering services since 2003, we provide the following services for fire alarms in Kent:

  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Maintenance service

If your commercial property is still without a fire alarm installation, get it done today. Give us a call and we will send in our expert technicians.

Kent Smoke Detector


The installation of a smoke detector is as necessary as a fire alarm. A properly and strategically installed smoke detector helps in alerting all those around that a fire has started. The proper authorities will be alerted while necessary actions to safeguard lives and property can be initiated.

Rely on us for installing your smoke detector in the Kent area. As we have been offering these services for a long time, we have seen that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have saved several lives.

You can choose a hard-wired smoke detector installed in your commercial property and be assured about:

  • Safety
  • Fire prevention
  • Monitoring

We stand by our products and, therefore, offer you all support, not just in installing the fire alarms systems, but in repairing and maintaining them as well.

Kent Fire Alarms


If you already have fire alarms installed in your commercial property, you must ensure that they are in the right working condition. If it has been some time that they have been inspected and tested, call for professionals that can provide both the services.

Count on us when you look for services related to fire alarms in and around Kent. We have successfully installed fire alarms in various commercial buildings. We prefer to install an interconnected fire alarm as it is better in comparison to the one that is not connected.

Rely on us for the installation of your fire alarm and smoke detector as we are:

  • Thorough professionals
  • Highly experienced
  • Well equipped

We will schedule the services as and when required. You can subscribe to our annual maintenance program under which it is our responsibility to keep your fire systems updated. Call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957 when you need fire alarms in the Kent area.