Marysville Fire Alarm


Commercial properties have many valuable assets which needs protection from incidents like theft, water damage or fire. One of the major causes of concerns for any businessman is fire which will destroy furniture, equipment, inventory, and valuable documents. However, neutralize such concerns when you decide on a quality fire alarm system installation.

Total Property Services is your reliable contractor when you need professional installation of a fire alarm system at your Marysville, WA area properties. If you are wondering why you should opt for a fire alarm at your commercial property, here are a few reasons:

  • Minimalizes property damage
  • Quick notification to the fire department
  • Works 24/7 for protection against fire
  • Protects assets and employees

Always hire professionals like us for a detailed fire alarm system installation at your Marysville commercial properties.

Marysville Smoke Detector


A smoke detector warns you that a fire is present so you can take proper action to protect yourself and your employees. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors cause the activation of fire alarms to alert everyone, including the fire department that there is a fire. Therefore, it is essential to have a smoke detector system installed in your commercial property.

You can count on us for installing a smoke detector system with:

  • Keen attention to detail
  • Utmost efficiency
  • Using top quality products
  • Hassle free professional service

Our years of experience in the industry has instilled confidence and skills that are unmatched. You can rely on us for highly reliable smoke detector installation projects at your Marysville area commercial properties.

Marysville Fire Alarms


If you think your job is complete after installing fire alarms at your property, then you are wrong. To ensure that the units keep on operating at the highest level, they need timely service and immediate repairs if necessary.

You do not have to worry about that as we are your one-stop solution. Call us, and we will repair and service every fire alarm unit in the most effective way possible.

Anytime you call us for the installation, repair, or service of fire alarms at your Marysville area commercial properties; we will send over technicians who are:

  • Experienced and skilled
  • Reliable and trained
  • Focused on working within local codes

Anytime you need any help with your fire alarms or want a new system installed; we are the folks to call.

Call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957 for professional and highly reliable installation, repair or service of fire alarms and smoke detector systems in Marysville area commercial properties.