Olympia Fire Alarm


It is regrettable to lose lives and belongings to a fire. In the present times, there are so many options to safeguard your office, employees, and customers from a devastating fire. Fire and smoke alarms are a must installation in all commercial properties. Also, it is essential to service and maintain them regularly to ensure that they function correctly at the point in time when you need them the most.

Place your trust in Total Property Services for the installation of a smoke detector and a fire alarm system in the Olympia, WA area. As an established contractor catering to all types of fire security related equipment, we ensure that your commercial property is protected with the right fire alarm installation.

Besides fire alarms, we also install and repair smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which are equally as essential devices for commercial properties. Call us for the fire alarm installation that includes the following:

  • New alarm installation
  • Testing of the alarm
  • Repair and servicing of the existing alarms
  • Maintenance

Olympia Smoke Detector


An appropriately installed smoke detector can alert the authorities regarding a smoldering or flaming fire. Regular inspection and testing of the smoke detector are required to ensure that it is working correctly. Trust professionals for thorough servicing of your smoke detector and ensure that it is always working even when no one is there.

Count on us for all smoke detector services in the Olympia area. We will help you choose the best quality smoke detectors for your business on the basis of the following:

  • Number of rooms
  • Levels in the building
  • Smoke alarms that adhere to local fire codes

We work with you and your budget when installing smoke alarms meeting all local codes. Consider spending the money on smoke detectors as an investment towards the safety and health of your customers, employees, and others.

Olympia Fire Alarms


Ensure that the fire alarms installed in your commercial property in Olympia are working fine and they can detect smoke and fire. Take the help of the professionals for regular inspection and testing of the fire alarms.

Choose us when you wish to upgrade your fire alarms in your Olympia area business as the new ones are better in:

  • Technology
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Efficiency

Feel free to call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957 for any fire security equipment and services in the Olympia area.