Renton Fire Alarm


Among your many responsibilities as the owner of a commercial property is to take steps to minimize the risk of fire and fire damage on the premises. Total Property Services can help you with that. We offer specialized services for installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of fire alarm systems in Renton, WA.

Those throughout this community who wish to equip their commercial establishment with fire alarms, or want to ensure that the installed fire protection equipment is in peak operating condition, have been requesting our services since 2003. You can depend on us to provide your premises with a functional fire alarm that reduces the safety risks for your:

  • Employees and customers
  • Various business equipment and assets
  • Important business documents and data

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements for fire alarm service in Renton.

Renton Smoke Detector


The proper working of a smoke detector or fire alarm cannot be taken for granted. You cannot forget all about these devices after having them installed in your business. Ensure your complete peace of mind about workplace security by hiring us to install the smoke detector in your property correctly, as per code.

Be sure that a fire will be detected in its earliest stages by having your smoke detector inspected and tested regularly with its batteries replaced well in time. We value the trust you place in us by choosing us over our competitors for smoke detector services on your Renton property. We justify your faith by serving you with technicians who are:

  • Suitably trained
  • Extremely knowledgeable
  • Highly experienced
  • Very hard-working and sincere

Count on us to make sure that your fire alarm and smoke detector never let you down.

Renton Fire Alarms


We pride ourselves as a client-oriented company. Our focus while handling the various jobs for fire alarms in Renton commercial buildings is not just on ensuring precision in workmanship. We are equally committed to providing a stress-free, fully satisfying customer experience every step of the way.

Whether you call in our technicians for fire alarm installation, fire alarms testing, or fire alarm repair, rely on them to:

  • Arrive on time
  • Behave with the utmost courtesy
  • Not cut corners on the job

We also strive to provide high-quality services for fire alarms at a competitive price.

Looking for reliable professionals known for seamless installation, repair, and service of fire alarms in the Renton area? Call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957.