Seattle Fire Alarm


Fire can be really damaging to your property and life. An efficient fire alarm or smoke detector helps combat such situations and saves the day. At Total Property Services, we strongly believe in giving our best to protect you from adversity. Our services for fire alarm installation in Seattle, WA make sure you do not face any kind of dangerous situation. That is a promise we make to you and ourselves. Prevention is always better than cure. And we firmly believe in putting your safety first.

Whether it is about saving a life or property, our fire alarm service covers:

  • Timely fire alarm repair and maintenance
  • Handling fire alarm installs and replacements
  • Professional fire alarms testing
  • Annual Inspections

Count on Total Property Services for the finest fire alarm service in Seattle. We live up to the promises made. Call (253) 777-4957.

Seattle Smoke Detector


There is no smoke without fire. This indeed holds true in the literal sense. Detecting smoke is the first pre-requisite to prevent fire from spreading. No life should suffer because the equipment in question was at fault.

A smoke detector and fire alarms must always be in superb working condition. Whether it is a commercial space or personal residence, life can be at risk anywhere. For this very reason smoke and carbon monoxide detectors always need professional installation as well as maintenance.

Though different types of smoke detector systems are available, hard-wired models qualify as a good choice. Our smoke detector service in Seattle allows you to remain worry-free. We make sure your smoke detector equipment is:

  • Of good quality
  • Installed strategically
  • Wired correctly
  • Braced with battery back-up

Call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957 to schedule installation of a smoke detector on your Seattle property.

Seattle Fire Alarms


Commercial spaces like malls, restaurants, office complexes, and schools/universities need extra safety measures. A single fire outbreak can result in a major loss. Effective, well-maintained fire alarms are thus a must-have.

Our company can get you the protection you need. Come to us for the best quality fire alarms in this area. We bring professionals to your doorstep for both installation and maintenance.

As one of the leading fire alarm suppliers, we provide:

  • Budgeted quality equipment
  • Efficient and timely services
  • Professional assistance
  • Affordable prices

We take pride in our well-deserved standing as one of the most trusted companies for installing and repairing fire alarms.

Contact Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957 for services related to a smoke detector or fire alarms in the Seattle area.