Low Voltage Kent


In today’s business, your low voltage wiring carries the lifeblood of your organization. The installation, equipment, quality of the cable, and testing procedures are all very critical in making sure your business can run effectively.

To have your low voltage wiring done correctly for your property in the Kent, WA area, you want to only deal with a certified electrical company. We at Total Property Services provide low voltage wiring services to local commercial and office buildings in the area.

So, if you are looking for the right company for your low voltage wiring needs, you are in the right place. We can help you with low voltage wiring needs, such as:

  • Television wiring
  • Security systems
  • LED Recessed lights

Low Voltage Wiring Kent


The best part about working with our low voltage electricians is that they are available round the clock to help customers. So, whether you need to get low voltage wiring for your fire alarm or telephones, even during the odd hours, you can get in touch with us anytime.

Our electrical contractors will provide you with excellent quality service despite the size and requirements of your project. Our electricians are certified, well trained, and professional when they work on any low voltage project, no matter the complexity.

We communicate with you through the entire process; there are no surprises. We practice fair pricing providing you with upfront costs and options whenever possible. Our goal is to gain your confidence and keep you as a customer for years to come. We want to earn your trust! Call us because:

  • We use only the best materials
  • Our electricians are certified
  • We offer free quotes and fair pricing

Electrical Kent


There are many reasons for which you should switch to low voltage wiring. One of them is that it is eco-friendly as well as energy efficient. If you ready to wire your commercial building to meet all the new technological needs of business today, then hiring our electrical contractors is a smart move.

Our electricians are highly trained, skilled individuals. They will guarantee excellent work and quality customer service. When hiring our electricians for low voltage wiring services you enjoy peace of mind since your work will be handled only by professionals

Wondering why our electrical service company is the most trusted in the Kent area? Check these reasons:

  • We use only the best electrical material
  • Our electricians are factory trained
  • We offer free quotes and fair pricing

To hire our low voltage wiring electricians in the Kent area, call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957.