We Offer Professional Metal Building Assembly


We have built a strong reputation among commercial, industrial and business owners as a reliable and highly-skilled provider of pre-engineered and pre-fabricated metal building assembly services.

As your one-stop specialists for installation needs, our objective is to provide superior service through each phase of the project by:

  • Guiding our clients through the site plan process to identify optimal location, evaluate soil and loading conditions, and to avoid unforeseen costs
  • Utilizing proven engineering systems throughout each phase of metal building assembly
  • Ensuring proper installation across the entire assembly process
  • Providing technical solutions as needed
  • Meeting your project goals on time and on budget

Call Total Property Services for end-to-end metal building assembly services from highly skilled and trained professionals.

Quality Assembly Is Important For A New Metal Building


Constructing a new metal building, especially large warehouses or aircraft hangars, requires highly skilled professionals to ensure quality assembly. While new metal building construction is synonymous with storage buildings, sheds and warehouses, we are experienced in constructing hangars that are designed to accommodate modern large aircraft and custom engineered to last for decades.

In meeting the demands of the varied industries we serve, accurate assembly is of the utmost importance to ensure:

  • Long-term sustainability and performance
  • The efficiency you desire
  • An ability to withstand extreme weather and environmental elements
  • Proper functionality
  • Compliance with local building codes
  • Investment optimization

No matter what your new metal building requirements may be, our highly-skilled team of professionals can meet them without sacrificing value or quality. Call us today for a superior building installation that fits your specific commercial design and budget requirements!

Metal Hangars to Large Storage Sheds, No Job Is Too Big or Small


We have extensive experience in pre-engineered and pre-fabricated steel buildings and metal hangars from both a sales and assembly standpoint. The demand for pre-fabricated steel buildings is growing across all industries, including their use as metal aircraft hangars, because they provide solutions for long-term sustainability, efficiency and cost reduction.

With a competent team of highly-skilled installation professionals working together, we have a reputation for speed and efficiency for both large and small commercial projects, such as:

  • Commercial inventory and storage
  • Large warehouses
  • Vehicle repair shops
  • Recreational facilities
  • Metal hangars with superb strength that allows for open ends
  • Barns and riding arenas
  • Energy-efficient commercial or business buildings
  • Additional office space for governmental and corporate use

While we work with commercial projects of all sizes, we are also specialists in construction and installation of metal hangars that are specifically built to accommodate many types of doors, have wide, column-free spaces, and have the strength to span significant heights and lengths for commercial or private aircraft for indoor storage and maintenance.

Let us know what size of metal hangars you require and we’ll get to work. Call Total Property Services to discuss your need for metal building assembly for a new pre-fabricated or pre-engineered metal hangar, industrial warehouse, and more. Dial 253-777-4957.