Metal Building Repairs, Both Major and Minor


We are a local contractor that offer metal building repairs for commercial, industrial, and corporate sectors as well as government agencies. We provide services which include assessment and implementation of cost-effective metal building repair solutions. Whether your issues are major or minor, simple or complicated, you can call us for expert services.

Our metal building repair work includes all types and sizes, from inventory storage sheds to warehouses and aircraft hangars. We offer metal building repair parts and services including, but not limited to:

  • Damaged columns
  • Metal walls or siding
  • Overhead door frames
  • Wind damage
  • Skylights replaced
  • Fire damage
  • Walk-through personnel doors replaced
  • Damaged purlins and girts
  • Metal framing
  • Old screws replacement
  • Trim

We have a highly-skilled team that is experienced in the rehabilitation of metal buildings, whether due to normal wear and tear, storm damage, vandalism or fire damage. Call Total Property Services for an experienced metal building repair team for your governmental, commercial, or industrial property.

Extend the Life Of Your Metal Building


While the exterior panels of steel buildings are long-lasting and tend to resist rust and decay better than other building materials on the market, regular maintenance is highly recommended to extend the life of your metal building. We can help maintain your steel building with regular inspections from our metal building contractors.

We’ll correct any pending problems that may lead to more serious issues. Our commercial metal building inspections include:

  • Checking insulation for wall fissures or holes or other evidence of exposure, damage or evidence of moisture
  • Regular washing of steel panels to remove dirt and grime to avoid surface tarnish, mold or rust
  • Routine drain and gutter checks; removal of blockages
  • Checking door hinges for damage and to make sure they are well-oiled
  • Checking door frame seals for leakage or signs of mold
  • Checking window seals; lubricating mechanisms and checking for closure impedance
  • Inspecting garage door seals, tracks, auto-reverse mechanisms
  • Painting retouches of scratches and minor abrasions that could lead to rust and mold
  • Checking for proper ventilation and circulation to avoid condensation
  • Inspecting for foundation cracks that may lead to moisture infiltration

Preventative maintenance for all steel buildings, whether it’s your additional office space or a commercial warehouse, generates a positive return by reducing the potential for future serious issues. Call us to provide optimal maintenance service to extend the life of your metal building!

We Repair All Commercial Metal Buildings - From Warehouses to Storage Sheds


As a company involved in sales and construction of pre-fabricated/pre-engineered steel buildings, we are also dedicated to providing repairs and renovations to existing steel buildings of all types and sizes.

When your steel warehouse is showing signs of deterioration or damage as a result of wind, fire or storms, we recommend an update with cost-effective repairs rather than a rebuild. For example, we offer metal warehouse repairs that include:

  • Removal and replacement of damaged wall panels or siding
  • Replacement of damaged or torn interior building insulation
  • Overhead door repairs
  • Metal framing

Call Total Property Services for a highly-skilled team that can provide expert repair services for your commercial or industrial metal building. Dial 253-777-4957.