Metal Buildings Renton


Compared to other materials, prefabricated metal buildings are advantageous in many ways. Metal buildings can be customized, economical, low-maintenance and speedily built. From an airplane-hanger to energy-efficient commercial buildings, metal buildings give you wide options.

Total Property Services offers competitively priced components for new metal buildings for Renton, WA homes and offices. We provide high-quality metal frame buildings which can be designed to suit customised requirements of homes and offices.

Metal buildings can cater to suit various space requirements

  • Warehouse
  • Retail space
  • Home
  • Auto repair shop

Metal buildings can easily mimic other building materials. Metal wall panels can be painted in whatever color you have in mind, the metal roof panels can be designed to imitate shingles or wooden finish, metal building kits can be covered with various synthetic materials that can give a unique touch to any project.

Metal Frame Buildings Renton


Prefabricated metal frame buildings in the Renton area can last for decades and stand through environmental extremes. There are no worries of termites and pests, cracks, fire and rots when you construct with metal building kits. You can use metal frame buildings for an open office or a small enclosed space, as you prefer!

Our knowledge in design, engineering, component requisites and structural needs enables us to give you options that best suits your requirements. Why buy metal building kits from us?

  • Best quality materials
  • Competitive pricing
  • Assistance with project design
  • Manufacturer warranties
  • Excellent customer service

Our knowledgeable team has great experience in metal building components. We can help you decide on customized designs and provide you with metal frame buildings that are high in functionality and suit your specific requirements.

In today's world, where the emphasis is primarily on being green, metal building kits are wonderful options for creating green structures.

Metal Building Kits Renton


We cater to metal building kits of all kinds for Renton properties. Does not matter if you plan for a basic, unique, or an intricate design, we are flexible enough to provide solutions for your metal building requirements. With us, you can choose from a wide range of colors to match your customized appearance.

Constructions from metal building frames also prove to be advantageous. Here is why:

  • Flexibility of design
  • Lower labor cost
  • Short construction time

Metal frame buildings are simpler to modify later. You can add interior walls, shift the openings, and add more space by upward extensions for your Renton metal building project. For metal building kits or construction materials for metal frame buildings in the Renton area, call Total Property Services at (253) 777-4957.