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Commercial Fencing

Fence-Installation-Tacoma-WAWe are fence installation contractors that provide installations for business, industrial and government facilities in need of security, privacy or boundary fences.

While first impressions are of utmost importance to the exterior of a business, there are other important reasons for an installation that may affect the type you choose, how you decide which option is most suitable to meet your requirements, and the type of companies you choose for obtaining prices.

These are a few factors that may influence your decision:

  • Affordability
  • Choice or type – security, privacy, boundary or ornamental
  • Durability
  • Style and height
  • Maintenance requirements

As contractors for businesses industrial and government facilities, we offer some of the most dependable and cost-efficient installations in the area.

Call Total Property Services to schedule a consultation to address the important considerations for your end use.  From aesthetic appeal for your building façade to keeping employees and visitors safe or securing material goods against theft, you can expect a professional positive outcome.

Fence Contractor For Commercial Property Owners

Fencing-Contractors-Tacoma-WAWe are local fencing contractors that provide perimeter security, boundary and privacy fencing for business, industrial and government facilities.

For commercial applications where containment and security, boundary and privacy are paramount considerations, more businesses and builders are choosing us for installations, regardless of size.

Our installations are of the highest quality workmanship because we understand the importance of securing your business or government institution.

These are reasons to choose us for your installation:

  • We offer a free estimate
  • City specifications are reviewed and clearances obtained
  • When necessary, all city or local permits are obtained by us
  • We arrange for public utility locates – water, gas and power lines
  • We conduct land surveys as needed

While there are many reasons our clients want or need to install fences, our expert tradesmen focus on what is required to make that installation a way to solve boundary, privacy and security issues as a beautiful piece of work.  Call us to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

Commercial Fences

Commercial-Fencing-Tacoma-WAWe are commercial fencing contractors that know how to keep your business, industrial or government property secure, safe and private!

Our expert crew provides a professional installation that adheres to local and city codes and industry standards to ensure that our clients are safely protected.

We know that choosing the right company for an installation is a very important decision.  Our approach to high-quality precision installations is supported by years of experience and expertise.

Whether we are working with a business property owner, a government agency representative, or property management personnel of a major industrial complex, we:

  • Have a full understanding of the process and procedures for each installation
  • Know the industry
  • Can offer installation options
  • Are adaptive to distinctive requirements
  • Deliver a finished installation with consistent efficiency

Call Total Property Services for skilled installers that will meet your deadlines, and secure your property with excellent craftsmanship.

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We are knowledgeable contractors whom you can trust to increase the value and appeal of your properties. Our clients and their properties always come first!
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