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Commercial Landscaping

Landscape-Contractors-Tacoma-WAWe are commercial landscape contractors involved in the art and technology of:

  • Landscape and garden project planning
  • Landscape and construction management
  • Maintenance and gardening
  • Grounds enhancement and improvement for sustainability and appearance

Our years of experience since 2003 as a landscaper with Master Gardener Certification have elevated us to a position of premier multi-service provider-contractor of commercial services in the area.

We specialize in designs, master site plans, remarkable gardens, and planting to deliver services with 100% client satisfaction.

We can render a design that is unique to you, translate your vision into a design, or work collaboratively with you and our creative planners to bring about inspiring concepts and a finished innovative design.

Call Total Property Services to schedule a consultation with our planners and commercial designer teams to begin the process of creating a landscape that supports your corporate image and goals.  253-777-4957

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial-Landscaping-Tacoma-WAOur commercial client services are designed to create an exceptional first impression of your corporate image before clients, visitors and guests enter your facilities.

Studies show that a meticulously-maintained landscape is pleasing to visitors, guests and clients, improves employee productivity, and attracts potentially new clients.  Prospective clients understand that when you care enough to create a welcoming landscape frontage, they will likely be granted the same level of care.

As a multi-faceted commercial landscaping company that offers planning, design, installation and maintenance, we can create a beautiful landscape worthy of investment by:

  • Devoting spaces to local flora with native and site appropriate plants
  • Planting flowering trees (failing businesses do not plant trees – successful ones do)
  • Installing waterfalls, a fountain or other water features
  • Creating a garden pond with beautiful aquatic plants and Koi fish
  • Adding hardscape features – paver walkways and steps, retaining walls, benches
  • Planting shrubs strategically throughout
  • Developing a lush, green and healthy lawn
  • Incorporating seasonal color programs

Because this implies permanence on your part, potential clients are likely to place confidence in seeking your services, believing that you will be there for them in the future.

Call today to learn how a meticulous landscape with sculpted grounds and immaculate surroundings can create a great first impression!

Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial-Landscaping-Services-Tacoma-WASeveral important elements of our services include the use of environmentally-friendly practices and water conservation.

We offer innovative solutions to meet landscape requirements with those integral components in mind by incorporating technologically advanced irrigation and sprinkler systems, along with meticulous hard and soft landscape design, soil compositions, and maintenance considerations.

These are reasons to call us for services:

  • Available maintenance plans for mowing, weeding, pruning and plant replacement
  • We help plan and install all of the elements within your budget
  • Proactive awareness of what needs to be done to keep your landscape looking its best

Call Total Property Services for a trustworthy and dependable partner.

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We are knowledgeable contractors whom you can trust to increase the value and appeal of your properties. Our clients and their properties always come first!
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