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flower-planting-tacomaArranging and putting in landscape plants is one of the most critical elements of landscape designing. Getting the right landscape plants and landscape flowers and placing them imaginatively is what makes the landscape a visual treat.

At Total Property Services, we take great care to install the most suitable landscape plants in all the existing or new landscape design projects we handle. Our well-rounded landscaping professionals have an expansive knowledge of the different species of landscape plants and their adaptation and growth rates in specific environment zones.

You can rely on our expert advice to select a unique assortment of landscape plants and landscape flowers to bring your residential or commercial landscaping to life. These include:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Vines
  • Annuals & perennials

We Hand Pick Landscape Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs

tree-planting-company-tacomaTotal Property Services is committed to making your landscaping rich, colorful, and lovely all year long. We realize that even the most artistic architectural/hardscape design falls flat without flourishing landscape plants and landscape flowers around it. We help you choose the flora that will bloom in your landscape environment.

Our choice of landscape plants and landscape flowers (annuals & perennials) is guided by certain factors on the landscaped property, such as:

  • Soil quality for annuals & perennials
  • Sun and shade proportion
  • Water availability
  • Local weather patterns for annuals & perennials

We have developed close relationships with several local nurseries to provide you with the best in landscape plants and landscape flowers. With a keen eye for quality, we hand-pick your landscape flowers, shrubs, and trees to create a landscape that is truly a pleasant sight to behold.

Annuals & Perennials Can Add Color to Your Landscaping

Tree-planting-TacomaFlowers, both annuals & perennials, can be called nature’s way of painting the world in all sorts of exotic colors. You too can use these natural paints to add color to your landscaping by planting landscape flowers and ensuring a mix of annuals & perennials.

Blooming alongside your lush green landscape plants, the landscape flowers will make your landscaping even more vibrant, expressive, and captivating.

However, having landscape flowers (annuals & perennials) is great only when they look bright and thriving. With our detailed knowledge of the right landscape plants for different seasons and regions, Total Property Services can help you get the best selection of annuals & perennials for your landscaping.

We see to it that your landscape remains luxuriant and beautiful by:

  • Planting annuals & perennials
  • Installing evergreen landscape plants
  • Deadheading landscape flowers
  • Trimming trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants

Call Total Property Services for help in choosing the best landscape plants and landscape flowers (annuals & perennials) for your landscaping.

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