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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is not a new idea for humanity. Rainwater harvesting was quite a common practice for centuries, but it was gradually neglected. Increasing awareness of the depleting global water resources has sparked renewed interest in water harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting involves designing a creative rainwater collection system and managing it expertly to put the abundant water collected during the rainy season to good use in the dry months.

Total Property Services can help residential property owners conserve water using the latest rainwater harvesting options. We advise our clients to adopt local rebate programs for water harvesting and use rainwater harvesting techniques introduced by leading innovators in rainwater harvesting, such as RainXchange. RainXchange offers a number of products for water harvesting, including:

  • Pre-packaged RainXchange water harvesting system kits
  • Downspout filters
  • Rain barrels
  • Rainwater irrigation booster pumps

Benefits of a Rainwater Collection System

Landscape irrigation is one of the major uses of water collected through rainwater harvesting. The water accumulated in a rainwater collection system is a much healthier alternative for watering your landscape than the municipally treated water.

Total Property Services can help you conserve rainwater and use it towards the beautification of your landscaping. We can design decorative water features for your landscape, combining them with a sub-surface rainwater collection system. We can install an underground rainwater collection system that does not impact the beauty or integrity of your property or landscape.

Let our water harvesting experts install an innovative rainwater collection system that helps you:

  • Reduce the pressure of the water demanded on local municipal systems
  • Reduce your water bills with water harvesting
  • Avoid strict local watering schedules with your own rainwater collection system

Water Harvesting is an Environmentally Friendly Practice

Water harvesting during rain showers is a simple and sustainable practice. Rainwater harvesting not only helps you save money by reducing your use of municipality water, but also has a positive impact on the environment:

  • Water harvesting allows for conserving the precious natural resource
  • Water harvesting provides water that is rich in nutrients
  • Using water from a rainwater collection system reduces the need for fertilizers
  • Rainwater harvesting provides water in which no chemicals are added
  • An advanced rainwater collection system prevents stagnation of collected water

The rainwater harvesting experts at Total Property Services can help you enjoy the benefits of water harvesting. We guide you through the entire rainwater harvesting process as we install the rainwater collection system that allows you to have an environmentally friendly source of landscape irrigation.

Do your duty to the environment by opting for the rainwater harvesting systems of Total Property Services. Call us now!

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