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Tree Trimming/Pruning

Regular tree service is an investment that helps enhance the aesthetics and resale value of your residential or commercial property. If your property has trees, proper tree pruning or tree trimming by a tree service expert is required to keep them in great shape, structurally and health-wise. Total Property Services provides the professional tree service you need.

Whether it is tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or tree disease control, our tree service involves doing what is best for your trees. Our knowledgeable and experienced tree service experts work diligently to make sure your trees look spectacular and healthy as a wonderful addition to your landscaping.

Our tree pruning service gives you trees that:

  • Look majestic
  • Have prolonged lifespans
  • Allow the surrounding flora to thrive
  • Present no risk to life or property

Tree Trimming Can Improve the Health of Your Trees

Diseased and crowded branches threaten the health and proper growth of the tree. Tree trimming is a common tree service that must be carried out at regular intervals to remove such threats. However, improper tree trimming can cause lasting damage to the tree and even shorten its life.

It is advisable to come to an established expert, such as Total Property Services, for tree trimming, tree pruning, and any other tree service you require.

Count on our tree trimming specialists for:

  • Timely tree trimming services
  • Proper and safe tree trimming techniques
  • Professional tree trimming with the long-term health of trees in mind
  • Use of right tree trimming equipment and safety gear

Tree Pruning to Remove Dead or Hazardous Branches

Tree pruning means more than just reducing the tree size. This crucial tree service is necessary to maintain the beauty and health of trees. Tree pruning helps the property owner enjoy the right amount of air movement and shade from well-shaped trees.

Tree pruning removes over grown, hazardous branches. Proper tree pruning maintains the density of branches to allow a good view of the area through them.

Tree pruning is an important part of our tree service and can include one or a combination of the following tree pruning techniques:

  • Crown cleaning – removing dead, diseased, or hazardous branches
  • Crown thinning – removing branches selectively to improve air and light access
  • Crown reduction – removing branches to reduce the tree’s height and spread
  • Crown raising – removing lower branches to provide clearance

Enjoy a natural-looking landscaping with healthy trees. Hire the Total Property Services tree services experts for tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal services for your property. Call us now!

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