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Water Features

waterfall-installation-tacomaWater features have always been an important element of garden design. From meandering, natural streams to custom-made pools and backyard waterfalls, the sight and sound of water has a unique soothing and rejuvenating effect on everyone.

Total Property Services can add this calming ambience to your residential or commercial landscaping by installing stunning landscape water features. We have a team of highly creative landscapers who can build strategically placed, stylish water features that make your landscaping an oasis straight out of your dreams.

Our gorgeous landscape water features can transform the yard of your home or business property into an exotic outdoor retreat that you and your family or employees will love to visit. The landscape water features we can install to enhance your yard or garden include:

  • Reflection ponds
  • Water gardens
  • Fountains
  • Backyard waterfalls

Backyard Waterfalls Create a Peaceful and Relaxing Retreat

waterfall-installation-puyallupWhen it comes to mesmerizing landscape water features, nothing can beat backyard waterfalls. You too must find the prospect of accentuating your landscape with striking backyard waterfalls quite thrilling.

Come to Total Property Services. We design and install custom backyard waterfalls that make a wonderful addition to every yard, regardless of its size. We specialize in:

  • Large and small backyard waterfalls
  • Poolside waterfalls
  • Backyard waterfalls with ponds
  • Pondless backyard waterfalls

We can work with your space and budget to create the ideal backyard waterfalls for you. As the descending water offers a delightfully beautiful view, its melodious sound creates a magical setting. We won’t blame you if you mistake your backyard for a far-away retreat that is nothing short of paradise!

Landscape Water Features Can Be the Centerpiece of Your Landscaping

Landscape water features are inherently attractive and tend to be the focal point of the landscaping. Tastefully designed and well-maintained landscape water features can take the beauty of the landscape to another level.

Total Property Services is eager to work with you to design and add the landscape water features you desire to have on your property. You can use the water features we install as spaces for:

  • Water activities
  • Contemplation and relaxation
  • Observing aquatic life

Using our utmost creative abilities, careful processes for installation of water features, and high quality materials, we assure you of landscape water features that make your yard or garden a sanctuary to please all your senses.

If you are interested in installing landscape water features on your property, call Total Property Services today!

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