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Weed Control

weed-control-tacomaFed up with weeds? The lawn weed control and garden weed control services of Total Property Services can help.

Our weed control treatments are your effective defense against the difficult to stop trespassers called weeds.With advanced lawn weed control and garden weed control applications, and suitably trained technicians, we make sure that the weeds on your property are stopped right in their tracks! Our lawn weed control and garden weed control services are safe for kids and pets and include:

  • Chemical pre-emergent weed control
  • Chemical post emergent weed control
  • Manual lawn weed control / garden weed control

Call us for the proper lawn weed control and garden weed control measures that are a must to maintain a vibrant, flourishing, and stunning landscaping on your residential or commercial property.

Lawn Weed Control Is Important to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Unsightly and harmful weeds can come up in your lawn any time of the year. If you wish to maintain a healthy lawn, call us for regular lawn weed control services. To ensure that our lawn weed control services deliver the best possible results, we formulate specialized lawn weed control programs for preventing weeds from appearing as well as for destroying them when they do appear.

We are committed to give you a lawn that you can be proud of. Our lawn weed control experts care sincerely for your lawn and carry out their services diligently with a keen eye on the minutest of details. The goal of our highly professional lawn weed control services is to give you a lawn that is:

  • Healthy and dense
  • Lush, green, and thriving
  • Attractive and well-maintained

Flower Bed and Garden Weed Control for Healthy Plants & Shrubs

Weeds in your flower beds not only make your garden look unattractive and ill-maintained, but also threaten the health of plants, shrubs, and flowers growing there.Your plants’ normal growth is compromised because the weeds compete with them for:

  • Space
  • Light and water
  • Nutrients

At Total Property Services, we offer garden weed control services to rid your yard of these undesirable plants. Our systematic garden weed control programs ensure that your landscaping flora gets an environment that is conducive to growth. Weeds stand no chance in the face of our aggressive garden weed control!

Call to hire the lawn weed control and garden weed control services of Total Property Services and look forward to a beautiful lawn and healthy plants.

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