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Concrete Curbing

Concrete-Curbing-Tacoma-WAWe provide concrete curbing installations for commercial developments that serve as a barrier in parking lots or along streets where vehicles may be driven or parked.

Known also as borders, it is a continuous extrusion that can be installed for commercial applications such as:

  • Commercial parking lots – separating lot sections and guiding visitor driving patterns
  • Borders for parking lots
  • Street installations
  • Borders for walkways – interspersed strategically throughout a parking lot
  • Dramatic and functional entrances to commercial businesses
  • Border sectioning of gardens that are part of commercial property

The appearance of concrete curbing is important for commercial properties in maintaining a level of aesthetic appeal for clients, guests, customers and employees that also adds to the property value.  A solid curb also serves a safety purpose for limiting liability.

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Parking Bumpers

Parking-Bumpers-Tacoma-WAParking bumpers are an essential for improving safety in public parking lots and garages, shopping centers, school campuses, churches and business parks.

Popular uses for concrete parking bumper installations in parking lots include:

  • Property damage avoidance
  • Protection from moving cars
  • Prevention of vehicles rolling into other parked cars or onto sidewalks
  • Protection of fixed objects such as shopping carts, utility poles, signage
  • Barriers for walkways, bicycle lanes, pedestrian paths for moving car protection

Our products are affordable, highly-durable, and a worthwhile investment for your commercial business.

Call us to install parking stops that will meet your highest standards for safety, durability, affordability and quality workmanship.

Parking Lot Curbs

Parking-Lot-Curbs-Tacoma-WAWe provide curb installations you can count on!

Ensuring proper and sound installation coupled with client maintenance is essential to long-term value.

These are reasons to choose us for an installation:

  • We can provide solutions that fit your needs and budget
  • Superior workmanship and quality materials
  • Accountability – Your job will be done right the first time, and on-time
  • Our experience
  • Customer service excellence
  • Knowledge of standards and requirements such as ADA standards

Our installations provide a safe environment, and can increase your property value. And while there are a variety of materials on the market, concrete is widely used.

Call Total Property Services for concrete crews that are knowledgeable and experienced.  We can ensure quality workmanship and timely completion on all projects.

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