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Parking-Lot-Striping-Tacoma-WAMost everyone speaks of the importance of first impressions – and it is true also of parking lots that are usually the first thing noticed by clients, guests and customers visiting a business.

We are parking lot striping contractors that offer curb striping, parking lot striping and sealcoating for business and government property.

As skilled professionals, we understand the essential elements of parking lot striping standards that bring about safe and easy navigation for business and government properties:

  • Fire lanes
  • Space widths – minimum requirements for vehicle types
  • Availability and appropriate quantity of handicapped-accessible spaces
  • Ease of traffic flow
  • Special designated parking
  • Layout design options
  • ADA compliance
  • Crosswalks
  • Stop bars
  • Markings for pick-up areas
  • Loading zones

Call Total Property Services If you have a new lot, or your current lot needs rejuvenation to effectively assist drivers and pedestrians with new markings.


Sealcoating-Tacoma-WABy definition, sealcoating is a protective layer that is applied to asphalt pavement that acts as a sunblock to extend the life of your parking lot.

As an asphalt and sealcoating contractor that services business and government property, we offer sealcoating as a vital element of our maintenance program.  An aggressive treatment plan can increase the useful service life and reduce maintenance costs.

These are a few of the major causes of damage to asphalt:

  • Exposure to sunlight and oxidation that causes deterioration resulting in eventual cracks
  • Gasoline and oil spillage are causes of asphalt break down
  • Water penetration that softens the base causing sinkholes and cracks
  • Ice resulting from freezing water expansion that creates cracks and potholes

Sealcoating asphalt applications about every two years is far less costly than future major repairs or complete replacement.

Call us today to learn how we can help extend the life of your paving, and greatly reduce its maintenance costs.

Striping Parking Lot

Striping-Parking-Lot-Tacoma-WAWe offer striping for parking lots and curbing edge services for commercial property to reduce the risk of personal injury and automobile damage.

Additionally, we apply markings, including certain specific markings in accordance with state and local regulations:

  • Handicap symbols and signs
  • Fire lane curbing and striping
  • Custom stenciling for distinctive business needs
  • Assigned or reserved parking space titles
  • Arrows
  • Exit markings
  • Walkways
  • Cross hatching
  • Speed-bumps
  • Visitor parking spaces

Whether you want to improve the appearance and extend the life by striping parking lot lines and sealcoating the asphalt, or adding visitor sports and handicap parking spaces that make it easier to utilize, we handle all aspects at affordable rates.

Call Total Property Services for a free estimate.  We are here to help when it comes to striping parking lots and curbing edges on commercial property.

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