Commercial Siding Repair Is Important To Stop Further Damage


The importance of the condition of your commercial siding cannot be over-emphasized! After all, siding is what protects the inside of your structure from the outside elements. It also plays a major role in projecting curb appeal and contributes to the efficiency of the HVAC system.

As commercial siding repair contractors, we at Total Property Services know how important siding performance is for prevention of interior damage to your retail, governmental or commercial structure. And until it is physically removed, it is difficult to know the extent of wood rot on the frame that may exist as a result of years of moisture penetration behind the siding.

These are a few major indications that your building may be due for siding repair to stop further damage, including:

  • Areas of uneven, buckling, waving or shifting
  • Rodent, pest or termite infestations between your interior walls and the exterior
  • Mold on your interior drywall
  • Water stains, streaking or discoloration on the exterior
  • Increased heating and cooling bills

Call us for an expert opinion and complete solutions for siding repair to improve the appearance and durability of the exterior of your commercial facility.

Siding Replacement May Be A Better Solution For You


We are frequently asked by business owners whether they need siding replacement or repair. Until we are able to actually assess the condition of the building’s exterior, it largely depends on the type of siding and the degree of damage.

While the focus for many contractors is to perform a new installation, if a repair is all that is required, we will recommend that as the reasonable course of action. In general, there are a few instances when our team of experts may find that siding replacement is the best solution.

We only recommend siding replacement in the event of:

  • Significant aging and deterioration
  • Extensive damage from extreme winds or storms
  • Choosing a more permanent solution with recurring birds and pests problems
  • Recalls
  • Greater than half of your siding has large dents, cracks or holes
  • Extensive color fading

We are full-service contractors that are knowledgeable and highly-skilled at determining which services will be most suitable to restore the exterior of your building to a structurally safe and aesthetically pleasing condition. Call us today!

Siding Upgrades Immediately Improve Your Commercial Property


While not all renovations add value to a commercial structure, new siding upgrades can be a great option if you want to invest in your business.

A few reasons to consider siding upgrades to improve property value include:

  • Old, cracked or faded siding severely reduces curb appeal
  • A damaged exterior suggests a similar interior condition
  • Selection of a more durable exterior may withstand weather damage
  • An opportunity to increase insulation and improve overall energy efficiency
  • Certain exterior materials can reduce maintenance and cleaning

We can review the many options and variables of commercial siding upgrades such as vinyl, plastic, fiber cement, and wood, as well as their features, ratings, benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. We always take your budget into account when recommending a siding upgrade to increase the value of your retail, industrial, governmental or commercial facility.

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