Kirkland Steel Building Contractor


More home and business owners are discovering the advantages of steel buildings. Pre-fabricated metal buildings are becoming more popular for their versatility and durability. The flexibility of pre-engineered and prefabricated metal buildings translate into contemporary structures that are ideally suited to every requirement for different uses in

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture

Total Property Services is a steel building contractor in Kirkland, WA offering superior pre-engineered and pre-fabricated metal building assembly services. Our steel building construction capabilities will help you project the right image for your business. We provide steel building construction solutions for practically any residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural application.

Whether it is simple or complex designs involving steel mainframe I-beam constructions, multi-hip roof transitions, mezzanines or a simple personal garage steel building construction, our highly skilled design team can meet your requirements.

Kirkland Steel Buildings Construction


Steel frames offer immense strength and prove to be of great advantage to buildings. As an experienced steel building contractor, we provide superior design engineering and cost efficiency to create steel building construction. Steel buildings have many advantages like

  • Flexibility
  • Sturdiness
  • Strength and structural reliability
  • Sustainability

These properties make steel buildings also popular building component for hangars and large warehouses. We have earned a reputation for speedy and timely completion of big and small commercial projects starting from aircraft hangers, vehicle repair shops, barns, auto shops, and storage buildings.

We can custom design and build up your steel building construction according to your specific requirements. Our highly skilled team can cater to your needs and allow you to specify the height, length, number of doors, and other prerequisites.

Kirkland Steel Buildings


It would be absolutely incorrect to think that steel buildings can’t match the look of other materials. As a steel building contractor, we make a multitude of options available for all steel building construction to improve look and functionality.

We provide efficient services for steel fabrication and erection in Kirkland area. We provide

  • Attention to details
  • Prompt customer service
  • Quick response
  • Reasonable rates

As a one-stop steel building contractor in Kirkland, we specialize in all installation needs. Our aim is to provide you seamless service in all stages of your project from the time of identifying the optimal location, providing technical solutions, evaluating soil, to timely and proper installation.

Total Property Services is the steel building construction expert that you need in Kirkland. For a reliable steel building contractor for customizable steel buildings fabricated for Kirkland home or business call (253) 777-4957 today.